Smoke and Feathers

Smoke and Feathers began in Austin, TX in 2008 with Josh Terry (Vocals, Guitar), Hunter Cahalan (Vocals, Guitar, Theremin),Alan Houston (Bass, Backup Vocals), and Geoff Guillard (Drums). Smoke and Feathers takes you carelessly away on heavy guitar rifts to a place in your psyche, where the angel and devil inside argue, playfully; soulful human drama, eerie compelling wizardry, desire, temptation- nothing close to innocent, but perfectly and beautifully balanced contradictions that are graceful and romantic; ultimately Smoke and Feathers music reminds you to smile and enjoy this dream…




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Photography by Francis Rodriguez


2 Responses to Smoke and Feathers

  1. Paul says:

    Please tell me how I can buy this album! I don’t have itunes nor will I. However, I am more then happy to purchase this album in any other form. Thank you,


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