Not Going To ACL.

However, I am definitely not going to miss the GREAT bands playing at Emo’s this Monday the 19th!

Sleepy Sun (ATP Records)from California will be headlining, perhaps allowing a “come down” from a previous Smoke and Feathers (CLICK to hear "Gypsy") trip, which was also induced quickly to the blood stream by The St. James Society. WHOO!
Who needs ACL when we’ve got good substance (and by “substance” I mean MUSIC) and it only costs 8 bucks? We’re in a drought, please be careful standing in a field for hours…
Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see Mavis Staples.

“Sleepy Sun as archetypal stoner-rockers– with Constantino’s vaporous vocals floating atop a subterranean fuzz bassline, molten guitar leads, and drum fills that roll right off of Bill Ward’s tom-tom rack–”
-Stuart Berman, Pitchfork

About Frenchie Smith Records

President of Frenchie Smith Records; Austin, TX Label/Producer
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