^^French Tunes and Space Rock**

I know you’ve been daydreaming about a warm beautiful afternoon in the French Quarter where you relax and sip on your preferred drink and contemplate what sorts of party’n you’re going to end up getting into later in Nola’s wild and magical night time… so I would suggest going to see Lost Bayou Ramblers perform this Thursday at The Mohawk. Get yourself ready to take a trip, or perhaps be satisfied with your Cajun experience and gator land might not be necessary- I’m just saying, this band is certain to “take you away” with French lyrics, fiddles, stand-up bass and accordions! Frenchie has had the pleasure to have worked with them, and together the band and he were nominated for a Grammy in 2008.

Now, I also know something else! I do know that you are a music lover with an open and brilliant mind, and although you enjoy mystic, Cajun tunes, you also get very excited about space traveling (perhaps at work in front of your computer) we all do. I mean, Space is so unfathomable that our brains are getting exercise by expanding our imaginiation to travel in the Infinite, passing stars, and waving pleasantly at Gonzo’s Space Muppet family! What better way to float along and feel electric bursts of excitement because The Boxing Lesson is playing in Space! That’s right! Every where you are in Space, your traveling theme music is The Boxing Lesson! Whom will also be playing at The Mohawk ALL IN THE SAME NIGHT as Lost Bayou Ramblers! Can you handle it? I Know you can.

Be ready to party by 10pm and the show only costs $5! RIGHT!? All THAT for only five bucks!

Official Face Book Open Invite to Lost Bayou Ramblers and The Boxing Lesson


About Frenchie Smith Records

President of Frenchie Smith Records; Austin, TX Label/Producer
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