Frenchie’s latest totally rad project: Black Bone Child

Lately, Frenchie has been working with Black Bone Child, an Austin Rock n’ Roll band that he’s been very excited to work with so, I just had to have a visit during production hours to find out what all the excitement was about.
Black Bone Child constists of Donny James and Kenneth M., long time friends and business partners, whom are definitely on quite a perfect level of genius together in seemingly all aspects of their music career.
I drove out to Dripping Springs where Frenchie and the Rockers were finishing up final touches at Donny’s home studio- don’t let “home” water down the awesomeness of “studio”, mind you, Donny is an engineer and knows about gear very well. I witnessed a complete gear-head-geek-out while I was there, between Donny and Frenchie that was bit mind blowing.
Anyway, the three of them had a great vibe happening that balanced nicely with the creative flow of audio engineering and seriousness of the new record’s results.
Check out this video I made while I was exploring their realm. It was a lot of fun finding out how they’d get each other to laugh during this long process, full of hard work:

About Frenchie Smith Records

President of Frenchie Smith Records; Austin, TX Label/Producer
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