Sonic Ranch, El Paso

Frenchie is currently producing The Answer, a band from Northern Ireland, at Sonic Ranch studios.
Sonic Ranch is the world’s largest residential recording facility. It houses five studios on a 2,800 acre pecan orchard.
It’s a happy wonderland for musicians and visitors- sleep in big comfy sleigh beds, eat delicious Mexican food prepared by the wonderful staff, be-friend the ranch cats, cruise around on a tour with Tony and he’ll show you everything, which includes:
“Five Vincent Van Haaff designed studios, a large tracking room (47′, 36′, 22′), six additional unique and varied recording rooms, an extensive vintage microphone collection, a large collection of vintage and modern outboard equipment, and one the best guitar, amp and pedal collection offered any where. The studios adjoins a traditional seventy year old Spanish Hacienda with 12 individual bedrooms, a workout room, dining rooms, band den, patio/barbicue area and pool. There are three additional houses on the ranch providing 13 more bedrooms and additional kitchens and living rooms. “

(Cited from the sonic ranch website).

Check out the pictures I took today of Smoke and Feathers who are here visiting on their first day of tour and a few pictures of this magical place…

Sonic Ranch


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2 Responses to Sonic Ranch, El Paso

  1. Diggin the blog, Frenchie!
    Keep in touch.

    Happy Tracking,

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