Exciting Announcement!

Tonight is the CD release party for a rad punk rock band that Frenchie and I got to work with last summer. They’ve really built up the suspense by making us all wait till now for the album release-it’s finally going down tonight!

Revenants :
Mohawk FREE and ALL AGES with a great line up including:

The Stampede
The Anchor
Watching The Moon

The venue will be full of exciting, fun people tonight, so come out one more night or else you’re NOT PUNK ROCK.

About Frenchie Smith Records

President of Frenchie Smith Records; Austin, TX Label/Producer
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One Response to Exciting Announcement!

  1. I was RIGHT! Last night’s show had a heavy high level of energy- so much that someone got escorted out during the set AND some one else was rockin’ so hard, he ended up with a concussion. Way to convey your musics’ vibe at your show, Revenants. Totally. kicked. ass.

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