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Only two days left till Death Letters head back to Holland.  It’s been a pleasure having them in Austin and the record is turning out amazing!

“There were rumours about The Death Letters being an incredible live sensation. Well, they are! It’s only a matter of time before they get noticed in the rest of Holland, Europe and The States.”
(EP/demo review OOR magazine, no. 8)

“A mad timebomb heading for a breakthrough.” (Fret)

“There’s a credible and worthy band on stage with decades of experience.” (VPRO’s 3voor12)

“This pair is simply a revelation and nothing less. Bookers be aware: This must and will go around the country!” (

“The Death Letters were raging across the stage as if there was a complete band performing, and left an indelible impression.” (AD/De Dordtenaar)

“They are young, determined, talented and wanted. That story is only getting better.” (

“Intense tracks with filthy riffs that sound powerful and very energetic and overflow with youthful eagerness.” (


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President of Frenchie Smith Records; Austin, TX Label/Producer
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